carrington falls?

It’s pretty funny to reflect on this day because it was one of the most intense ones I have had in a very long time. “How the hell are we going to get out of here?” was a legitimate and frequent thought in all of our minds. I decided that being stranded in an Australian forest with two pretty great people certainly wasn’t the worst situation to be in. However, a few aimless hours and a lot of leeches later we knew we had to figure something out. This led to barefoot river hopping, more leeches, a little blood, a lot of hunger, water rationing (2 sips each when necessary), strange strangers, strength testing, Tarzan skills, a little thinking and a lot of blind faith. Brief moments were documented on a roll of film that I lost somewhere in that beautiful country, so all we have are these few before and after photos. You’ll see us naive and ill equipped for the most challenging hike I have ever been on complete with Vans, glasses and heavy camera gear. Then you’ll see us tired and filthy riding in the back of a strange man’s truck with nothing but a rock for protection. Looking through the beginning photos that were taken at a look out only about 15 minutes in I see calmness but anticipation all the same. Perhaps my vision is skewed because I know what happened shortly after these photos were taken, but there wasn’t much speaking at this lookout. I see a wonder, a craving, in us. Fast forward 4 hours and a similar feeling of wondering how we are going to find our way out of this goddamn forest is in full swing. The adventure in our spirits got the best of us. It happened in a brief instance of deciding to descend down a hill to find the bottom of a gorgeous waterfall because who the hell wants to see if from the removed, fenced lookout area? I think we all knew that we needed something more.

And we fucking got it.


Here’s a chronological view of the few photos that I have left.



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