Colorado pt. 1

IMG_5044 IMG_5041 IMG_5036 IMG_5033 IMG_5032 IMG_5030 IMG_5025 IMG_5022 IMG_5008 IMG_5007 IMG_5005 IMG_4998 IMG_4991 IMG_4990 IMG_4980 IMG_4979 IMG_4974 IMG_4972 IMG_4968 IMG_4960 IMG_4954 IMG_4944 IMG_4935 IMG_4933 IMG_4931 IMG_4923 IMG_4914 IMG_4889 IMG_4883 IMG_4858 IMG_4845 IMG_4838 IMG_4834 IMG_4832 IMG_4822 IMG_4814

Last month I took a trip that seemed far too short. I visited Aspen, CO and am honestly surprised I came back home (but not without a few extra days added to my trip!) Believe me when I say Colorado has something aesthetically captivating about it. I mean, I’m still having withdrawals…

I’ll be back in Colorado soon. I can feel it.


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