getting off the train just in time to tear your clothes off and sprint to the ocean as the sun begins to set. ever realize while a moment is happening how much you’re gonna miss it when it’s gone? you force yourself to forget the premature nostalgia and look around in awe of how beautiful everything is.

 once you get your ocean fix you grab all of your clothes and camera gear in a rush. you sprint up a path and have to stop to put shoes on because it’s getting too rocky to bear. you run, again, in search of a rock graveyard. the bombo quarry was like nothing you’ve ever seen. the ocean crashing into a quarry on the clearest night in a beautiful country. you have a picnic with a lifelong friend on giant rocks getting eaten up by mosquitos and hoping the tide doesn’t come up any higher just for the sake of your cameras. everything is perfect. then you lose the sun and see the most starts you’ve ever seen in your life. now you have to find your way back to the train station in the dark but you don’t care because you can’t stop staring at the sky anyway. you realize you’re running out of time and embark on a ridiculous sprint to catch your train. you make it with not even a minute to spare and collapse with a big, stupid grin on your face.



Do you know what Sarah meant when she said, you be my guest to keep the pace to save your face you’ll never make the place, but do you even run the race?

thx to alex g for lyrics about some ‘sarah’ and thanks to my sarah for always letting me photograph you (and being the best gal pal)