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Lia snapped some photos of me playing on the beach, which was where we called home for three days. We slept right under the stars on a single blanket in the sand. I woke up to the sound of waves crashing right next to me and the sun rising in front of me. It was incredible and the bug bites were beyond worth it.

Lia & Colby

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I’ve been spending some time with these two lately. It certainly doesn’t suck.

2 a.m.



When 1:45 a.m. on a Monday night rolled around we figured.. what better time for a spontaneous photo shoot? So, here we have some shots I took of Jessie in the middle of the night with a few street lamps as our light source. 

P.S. this girl is my soul sister

ATL shootin’



photoshootin’ in free people clothes per usual | exploring this city that i call home

FPme Shoot



We did a little shoot around Atlanta with the Free People bloggers last weekend. Everyone rocked. Yooou guys, come back to Atlanta anytime!

Photos by- Jana Kirn

Clothes- Free People styled by us




So glad to have this little gem of a lady here in Atlanta now. Shoots on shoots on shoots are in our future. I was recently promoted to Social Media Coordinator at my store (Free People Atlanta) aka get ready for many more posts to come. This was just a quick little shoot in a back alley of a music venue in Atlanta. Of course, any spontaneous shoot includes outfit changes in a car and improvised accessorizing, which happens to be a pretty accurate representation of my daily life.

Free People clothing + Doc Martens

Photos of me by Kelli | Photos of Kelli by me | Edits by me

beach campin’



went camping on a secret beach for my spring break

couldn’t have asked for more

happy soul x

the perfect poncho


Thiiiiiis poncho is one of my new favorite pieces. An eco-friendly Ketzali product that was handmade in Guatemala by an artisan named Miguel Tax (it’s handwritten on the tag). The company also donates 5% of their wholesale profits to educational projects in Latin America. Gotta love good clothes for a good cause.

Channeling my inner Joplin x Nicks wearing pretty much all Free People as usual.

photos by Jordan Tumlin

fp savannah


Paige, the rad photographer I got to model for


Kelli Hammock, the fabulous MIT at FP Savannah


I had the pleasure of shooting with Free People Savannah last weekend. The location was a perfect representation of Savannah and the girls were so so great. I’m wearing all Free People styled by Kelli, Paige and myself.

Paige was seriously the most incredible photographer, I mean.. just look at these shots! She rocks so be sure to check her out here.

stay freeee xx

Photo of Paige by Kelli

All other photos by Paige



Went to Savannah this weekend. Took a few pictures. Met a few great people.

My shoot with Free People Savannah coming soooon 

Stay weird, Savannah x


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